Friday, December 10, 2010

DIY: little homemade christmas presents

Here's some ideas for a few little Christmas present this year!
                      clay ornaments 
These are really fun to make, all you need is air dry clay, acrylic paint and a dose of creativity.

little blue bird ornaments, I gave these out to guests at my bruschetta party
little cute cloud ornament
toadstool ornament I made for my bruschetta party

             make your own coco kit
this makes a really great gift for fellow crafty people. Here's a rough guide to make the coco kit: fill a mason jar with layers of chocolate chips and marshmallows, put a piece of felt over the top, tie a piece of ribbon around a candy cane and the top of the mason jar, tape on the 
directions and ingredients: you'll need 1 cup of chocolate chips, 1 cup milk, sugar to taste and as many marshmallows as you like.Directions: melt the chocolate,add 1/4 cup milk and whisk vigorously, add the rest of the milk and mix, sweeten to taste, top with marshmallows and garnish with the candy cane. enjoy!!     

the directions for the coco kit, equipped with a candy cane

I made this little mug picture

 the coco kit filled with marshmallow and chocolate chips
im leaving you with a cool pic I took , doesn't it look wintery 


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  1. I also made some more clay ornaments as well as some other small presents. more DIY posts coming!



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