Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my christmas feast

Every Christmas eve we have a feast this year we served it in courses.
    1st course: Tuscan stuffed mushrooms- they were better than any other stuffed mushroom I've ever tried, we plated them with extra virgin olive oil and green onion.
         2nd course: kale, green beans and button mushrooms with spicy Parmesan- we added ground chili to the Parmesan to add some heat :)
    3rd course: butternut squash and vanilla risotto- i was surprised when i saw this recipe for vanilla risotto... i forgot to buy a vanilla bean.. so i had to make do using extract.
           main course: poached swordfish in broccoli pesto with lemon- having a non meat-eater in the family we always have something with fish in it instead of a turkey(last year we had salmon wellington, the year before it was fish minestrone)out of all those years i think this dish was the best.
     cheese course: aged Gouda, Gruyere and Herve Mon Morbier ( a blue cheese) with pears in Rosemary syrup- for the cheese course i wanted a semi-hard a hard and a soft cheese. I've never heard of Herve Mons Morbier but it was delicious.
the risotto
     dessert: hot chocolate cake with homemade marshmallows- dessert this year was made by one of our guests, it was wonderful!!
the swordfish and pesto with a menu i made for that evening


  1. It was one of the highlights of 2010 to plan, prepare, help plate and eat this special meal together! Thank you for the funnest xmas eve yet Thea!

  2. your risotto looks beautiful with shaved Parmesan and the Tuscan stuffed mushrooms sound delicious as well as the entire menu!



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