Friday, August 19, 2011

J.crew goes off to Russia

It's our dear Coco Chanel's birthday today! I wish I had known before I would have planned a party, maybe this weekend...  

  The ever pleasing J.crew has taken an excursion to Russia, this makes me wish I was one of these lucky, cashmere wearing ballerinas. You never know what the amazing Jenna Lyons is going to think up next!  Crewcuts is, of course, equally adorable.  
Have a great weekend, maybe with a few Chanel birthday parties and J.crew shopping sprees!

xoxo, thea
                              all photos: the j.crew blog

1 comment:

  1. these photos are so lovely....remind me of my glory days as a ballerina!! now I can just live vicariously through my baby ballerinas that i teach!! preetty




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